Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

2016 – Presentation to Indonesian Short Term Awards winners on Predictive Analytics

Bannister Law

2016 – Quantifying the Loss to Car Owners of the Impact of the VW Emissions Scandal

Coleman Research Group

2015 – Investment Bank Consultancy on Airline Profitability

Gerson Lehrman Group

2015 – Investment Bank Consultancy on Airline Yield Management, Impact of Inflation on Airlines, Impact of Capacity on Profitability, Airline Fuel Hedging, Japan Aviation Market, Australian Aviation Market, Boeing Dreamliner, Australian outbound travel market, Airline Revenue Management


2015 – Impact on airline capacity and tourism if Perth airports’ status were changed from a major gateway airport to a regional airport


International Air Transport Association

2015 – Empirical models of global operating metrics; Presentation in Geneva on optimal airline seat factors


Chevron Australia

2015 – Expert Witness Report on the Correlation between the Australian Dollar/US dollar bilateral Exchange rate and Natural gas and oil prices in Asia


Australian Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism

2011 – Estimation of the Price, Income, Wealth and Exchange Rate Elasticity of Tourism Demand for Asia-Pacific Origin Countries



Tourism Accomodation Australia

2015 – Estimates of the Return on Marketing Investment for aggregate Inbound Tourism



New Zealand Airline Pilots Association

2014 – Presentation on the state of the New Zealand aviation industry

Metro Hospitality Group

2014 – Presentation on the state of the accommodation industry

Australian Government Department of Finance

2014 – Procurement of airline services

British American Tabacco

2014 – Regulation of the Tobacco Market

Deloitte and LATAM Airlines

2014 – Impact of LATAM’s frequent yer program on revenue and airline value


Archer Capital

2014 – Report on Trends in Australian Air Travel


KPMG & Western Australia Department of Transport

2014 – Demand for Air Passenger Services at Busselton Airport, Western Australia and Route Profitability of Airlines


Nexus Point Travel

2013 – Strategies associated with commercial negotiations with airlines Re Corporate Travel

Leighton Holdings

2013 – Various projects within Strategy and Risk Management

Australian Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism

Peer Review of Tourism Forecasting Methodologies and Processes

Tourism Australia

Quantification of the Impact of US and Chinese marketing Campaigns on Inbound Tourism to Australia from the US & China




Australian Transport Workers Union

Presentation on the Qantas Business and Australian Aviation

New Zealand Airline Pilots Association

Presentation to Strategy day; Attendance at Meetings with Air New Zealand; New Zealand pilots legal department strategy day

Quest Apartments

Economic and yield management advice and modelling, Corporate Presentations, Monthly Macroeconomic report

Quest Apartments

Presentation on Macroeconomic Conditions and Yield Management at National Franchisee Conference

Bega Valley Council

Demand for Air Passenger Services at Merimbula Airport, NSW and the impact on airfare offers of Government-sanctioned monopolies on regional air routes


Ascent Group

Fuel Burn Modelling

ANZ Bank

Modelling and forecasts of commodities demand and prices; FX; Core inflation; Australian GDP; 10 year Government Bond Yields; Models of the yield curve; Fair value FX models


Analytical and Empirical Models of Welfare Maximising Mobile Terminating Access Charges


Australian Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism

Peer Review of the State of the Industry 2011 Report