Air Intelligence Research (AIR) is an aviation research company that collects and analyses the operating and financial data of the majority of the world’s airlines.

AIR believes its has one of the largest private collections of airline operational and financial data in the world.

AIR lead analyst works at senior executive levels across the aviation industry.  Over the past decade, he and AIR have developed sophisticated analytical tools.  These cut through the complexity and the huge number of factors impacting airlines, the aviation industry and tourism markets so trends can be more quickly analysed to inform and drive key strategic operational decision-making. 

AIR provides a wide-range of standard airline operating and financial performance data that is normally kept confidential and in-house.  Now this ‘never before seen’ data is available to AIR’s subscribers.

AIR has a long association with Webber Quantitative Consulting Pty Ltd, led by Dr Tony Webber.


Unique world-class data set covers

  • airline asset betas
  • volatility of airline share prices
  • implied assumptions that airlines use for average passenger weight
  • fuel consumption
  • labour productivity
  • indexes of fleet complexity
  • average wage levels


AIR continuously analyses its unique data

  • hedge ratios to minimise fuel cost volatility
  • elasticity of yield to own and competitor capacity
  • yield and revenue cannibalisation effects
  • quantifying the time profile of external shocks (shoulder and peak)
  • maximising profit for seat factors, yields and capacity


Airline benchmarking service across three regions

AIR constantly sees financial and investor presentations where an airline compares itself to other airlines.   To meet this need for data, AIR has developed a benchmarking service to enable any airline to compare itself across a range of performance metrics, over time and frequencies.  AIR aggregates its data over three regions - the Asia Pacific, Europe and the Americas - so any airline or airline analyst can track their airline’s growth and performance compared to the wider market.

AIR’s data enables airlines to compare themselves on over 100 performance metrics. Any metric that is defined in monetary units is presented in local currency and in average US dollars.  This allows users to compare metrics on a like-currency basis.


Data to meet any analyst’s needs

AIR is a world leader

  • Can assess any aviation performance indicator
  • Analyses hundreds of airline datasets
  • Uses unique performance metrics
  • More than 30 years of benchmarking


AIR knows that analysts require more sophisticated level of analytics.  AIR can provide data to a very granular level for any metric that underpins one or more airline, or across the entire industryWhat an in-house airline analyst requires is quite different to an industry analyst or a government authority or regulator.


AIR is here to help

  • Equity analysts researching airline stocks
  • Investors interested in understanding what makes airlines financially tick
  • Executives working for an airline, needing to monitor competitor performance
  • New airline recruits requiring a more detailed understanding of how the airline performs
  • Aviation union officials requiring information when making claims for improvements to employee benefits
  • Tourism bodies and advocacy groups impacted by possible airline decisions about affecting in-bound tourism
  • Regulatory authorities responsible for aviation safety, air services and transport
  • Suppliers to the airline industry needing to understand factors that will influence an airline in choosing one supplier over others
  • Tertiary institutions offering courses in airline management and administration
  • Universities offering Masters level degrees in business and economics


Data subscription services, consulting and workshops

AIR can deliver any data request through AIR’s subscriber portal.  AIR has developed several types of subscriber services that allow subscribers to self-create their own reports.  Alternatively, AIR can provide consulting services for specific briefs including workshop presentations. AIR works across the entire aviation, airline, tourism and non-aviation sectors.


Monitor airline share prices

AIR reports real-time airline share prices for more than 200 airlines from around the world.