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We are the most detailed, sophisticated, and user friendly airline data and intelligence offering in the world. Let us help you save money by allowing us to collect the airline information you need rather than using your own precious time to collect the data. Or let us help you make better decisions by providing you with the intellect and training you need. Or what if we told you that you can compare the performance of your airline to over 200 airline segments with the touch of a keyboard, the swish of a mouse or the swipe of a smart phone?

Airline Data

World's Largest

One of the biggest private collections of airline operational and financial data in the world, including 230 flying segments, 150 performance metrics, data at a monthly, quarterly, biannual and calendar annual frequency that extends back to 1989. The airlines covered represent around 90% of global ASKs


Competitor Benchmarking

The A.I.R. dataset allows airlines to compare themselves on over 100 different performance metrics. All of our metrics that are defined in monetary units are presented in both local currency terms and in average US dollars, with the US dollar conversion allowing users to compare metrics on a like-currency basis.


Highly Experienced

Our team of highly experienced aviation experts can analyse in detail the inner workings of non-fuel costs, and the Government regulations and key taxes that impact on the airline business. We will run through the quarterly, half yearly and yearly results of key airlines around the globe and provide independent views on on key airline strategies and their vulnerabilities.

We offer the most comprehensive data on global airlines

01. 200+ Airlines

With airline coverage it would be good to provide a list of the airline flying segments that are covered and have in there as a short blurb – “covers around 90% of global ASKs”

02. 150+ Metrics

Providing extensive coverage of airline operational and performance metrics, with more detailed coverage of metrics that are not usually reported by airlines, such as breakeven seat factors, average airline gauge, average passenger and freight average sector lengths, on-time performance, percentage of fleet that is owned and under lease, available and revenue passenger tonne kilometres and average fleet age. This is in addition to the old favourites, such as ASK, RPK, Passengers Carried, Seats Carried, RFTK, AFTK, RASK, PRASK, CASK and CASK ex-fuel.

03. Unique Insights

Providing access to airline performance metrics that are not likely to have been seen outside of the airline business before, including airline asset betas, airline share price volatility, average rates of company tax, average wage rates, fuel and employment productivity, average implied passenger weight and fleet complexity.

04. Benchmarking

Providing a simple means of comparing airlines across over one hundred performance metrics, including operational metrics (ASKs, RPKs, passengers carried, on-time performance etc) and financial metrics (PRASK, RASK, Passenger Yield, Cargo Yield, EBIT, EBITDAR, Tax Expenses etc). The comparison of the financial metrics is done in a common currency (US dollars) so that metrics are compared on a like-currency basis.

How we can help

  • Are you an equity analyst that researches airline stocks?
  • Are you an equity analyst that researches airline stocks?
  • Are you an investor interested in understanding what makes airlines financially tick?
  • Are you an analyst or manager working for an airline that monitors competitor performance, or have you just started with the airline and need to develop a more detailed understanding of how airlines work?
  • Are you an airline union that wishes to better understand the earnings and operational position of the airline, or do you wish to compare the performance of your airline to other airlines?
  • Do you work for a Government tourism body and wish to better understand airline capacity decisions that are relevant to inbound tourism in your jurisdiction?
  • Are you a Government entity in charge of aviation safety, air services and transport and wish to understand the size and growth ambitions of key airlines?
  • Are you a supplier to the airline industry and wish to understand the capacity decisions of airlines?
  • Are you a University who offers courses in Airline Management and Administration and wish to give your students the best possible education experience before they embark on a career in the non-operational aspects of the airline business.

Why choose us

We offer excellent value for money given the lengths we must go to ensure that the data is in a consistent format for your perusal and use. A.I.R. collects publically available data from most of the world’s airlines. This data is collected in a range of different formats (eg Microsoft Excel, PDFs, on-line tables and even hard copy reports) and is converted to a common format so that it can be brought to you in this website. Often the data cannot be “copied and pasted” into our format, so that it must be entered into our systems by hand, with extensive cross-checking and sense checking to ensure that the data is entered correctly. Often the data received by A.I.R. appears to be incorrect, in which case A.I.R. double checks to see that the data is truly accurate. Monthly operational data is often in a different part of the airline website than quarterly, biannual and annual financial data and so there is time seeking out the data and ensuring that it is internally consistent. And in some cases an airline’s data is only available from Government sources. Our offering takes all of these complexities out of your hands.

We also offer unique and additional performance metrics. Some metrics you may not have seen before. We offer the widest range of metrics, over the widest range of time horizons, over the widest range of flying segments in the world at a very affordable price.

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